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Can your dog also wear dog shoes?

Do you also take your dog bare paws for a walk? If yes, then you have to stop it right away. Most of the time, the dog owners don’t know that the dog’s paws are more sensitive than they think. That’s why; the idea of buying a pair of dog shoes doesn’t come to your mind. Unlike street dogs, pet dogs are not habitual of walking on streets and getting hurt. Therefore, dog shoes have become a necessity for your furry friends.

When the dogs go outside bare paws, they might suffer from cuts, wearing out of pads that become painful, burned pads, and others. Supreme Paw Supply offers a good range of dogs’ shoes that bring relief to them. Moreover, it is very important for us to take the best care of our four-legged friends. The veterinarian suggests you buy one when your dog ages as their paws will start showing signs of wear and tear.

Underlined reasons for buying dog shoes from Supreme Paw Supply

There are a number of reasons behind purchasing a nice pair of dog shoes. Have a look!

  • Provide protection against heat

In summer, the roads get heated and this can hurt your dog when you take him for a walk. Whether you are taking him to pavements, sand, or road, he will definitely suffer. To make the life of your dog easier, you can give them a nice pair of shoes to give an extra layer of protection.

  • Minimizes the injury and illness

In case your pet is already suffering from an injury, a pair of shoes is a great savior for him. This will help in bringing relief from pain and make them walk better. When the dogs start aging, their paw pads start causing problems due to continuous frictions.

  • Giving defense from snow and cold

As we need protection from cold bites in winter, so do the dogs. When they walk bare feet in the snow, their paws will definitely hurt. On buying dog shoes from Supreme Paw Supply, you can give a layer of protection to your pets so that they can easily walk.

  • Guard against salt and chemical burns

Sometimes our furry friends encounter harmful chemicals that might cause harm to their paws. While taking them on a walk, presently on streets have different traces of toxic heavy metals. Talking about salt, it is very bad for them because it irritates them or even causes burns.

  • Helps in keeping your home clean

For many pet owners, buying dog shoes is a good gift because they help in keeping your home protected from germs. When your dog wears it, he will not be able to ruin your floor, clothes, and sofa. In short, shoes are useful for maintaining hygiene in your home. Another thing is that the dog nails can cause damage to your hardwood flooring by leaving scratch marks. Even if you keep their paws clean regularly, they are still dirty to unclean your home. At Supreme Paw Supply, we offer an excellent range of the best dog shoes and boots online. These shoes are not meant occasionally, they can be used for everyday walks and even for long-distance traveling. Due to the anti-slip property, these shoes offer stability, guard against thorns and hot pathways. The shoes are very comfortable because they are made of supreme quality material and your dogs can easily wear them. You can find these shoes in different sizes.

Supreme Paw Supply aims to make the lives of pet owners very simple and convenient because we are the leading online store delivering a number of pet products. We hope that our products match with your requirements and make your dog’s life better.

How are you making your dog wear shoes in the wrong way?

Now, you have come across the major benefits of buying dog shoes. But, simultaneously it is also important to know how you are making your dog wear the shoes in the wrong manner. Before you buy a pair, there are certain points that you need to take care of to avoid mistakes.

  • Making your dog wear the shoes forcefully

To avoid this, it is very important that first, you introduce them to the shoes so that they start to enjoy wearing them. Comfortable shoes allow them to hop and match with the latest trend. Ensure that the dog shoes are completely safe and you take the proper precautions.

  • Purchasing the shoes to follow the trend

Many times, pet owners like to buy shoes that are in trend. In doing so, they sidestep the practical benefits. While making the final purchase, you should consider comfort as your priority rather than giving points to the cuteness factor. The dog shoes of the right size and style meet your requirements at the same time.

  • Not selecting the shoes as per the season

Indeed the dog shoes are ideal for the hot and cold season, but that doesn’t mean that the same pair is used for both seasons. Obviously, you can’t let him wear the winter boots in the scorching heat because it makes them sweat and they start feeling uncomfortable.

  • Not washing their shoes regularly

This is another mistake repeated by the owners. Dogs’ shoes get dirty when the dogs wear them outside and also trap the moisture from inside. Therefore, your dog is prone to yeast infections and bacterial dermatitis. If possible, you should buy an extra pair to change the shoes regularly.

These mistakes are commonly done by pet owners and if you also do the same, then stop doing it right now.

Ways of picking the correct size of dog shoes

It is very important that you must purchase a nice pair of shoes for your pets. In case, you don’t buy the right size, your dog feels uncomfortable and the shoes will not be of any use. Therefore, you should measure the paw first from ankle to toe nails. Ensure that while measuring the size, your dog is standing and place its par on a sheet of paper. Then draw the lines along the width and length of a paw.

Generally, whichever brand shoes you buy, this is very important that it offers you a snug fit. Hence, you should buy one that perfectly covers the whole foot and has a flexible sole.

Allow your dog to become habitual of dog shoes

Initially, your pet will not feel comfortable putting his feet on the floor. Hence, you should help them in balancing their steps when they are wearing new shoes. Give him time to get adaptive to the new footwear and divert his mind in some activities. You can also offer his favorite treats and wait for him to settle down with new shoes.

Get the boots for every season

At Supreme Paw Supply, you get specially designed dog shoes ideal for snow, heat, rain, and other purposes. We guarantee you that our offered range will definitely match your and your dog’s needs.

We are a trusted online store having numerous pet products like dog shoes, leashes, jackets, beds, and many other accessories. Contact us now and we happily deliver the products to your doorstep.


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