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Can You Give Dogs Melatonin?

dog taking pills

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that plays a vital role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle in both humans and animals. In dogs, it can be used to manage various conditions, including anxiety, sleep disturbances, and stress-related disorders. Benefits of Melatonin for Dogs Melatonin can be particularly beneficial for dogs in the following situations: 1. […]

Best Dog Food For Allergies

Best Dog Food For Allergies

Best Dog Food For Allergies: What to Feed Your Itchy Dog Dogs, just like people, can suffer from allergies, and these can profoundly affect their quality of life. Allergies in dogs often manifest as skin irritation, leading to persistent scratching, biting, and discomfort. Like any caring pet parent, pinpointing the exact cause and finding the […]

Common Dog Health & Behavioral Problems & Solutions


Behaviour issues with dogs are often ignored or not addressed by pet owners. Maybe you’re new to dog ownership, or perhaps you want to help your dog deal with an issue that is difficult to solve. Fortunately, the most frequent dog-related problems you’ll encounter can be solved with easy solutions. From itchy, flaky skin to […]

Does Your Dog Have Dry and Crack Paw Pads?

Wag Wellies Dog Boots

When your dog begins licking their paws or limping, it’s a safe bet that something is wrong with their paw pads. The following are some of the most frequent reasons for paw pad discomfort in dogs, as well as how to treat them: 1. Nail Problems Problems with your dog’s toes may sometimes cause paw […]

10 Good Reasons to Walk Your Dogs on Leashes

Bee Canine Leash 3

Whenever you grab the collar, does your pet perform cartwheels or get super excited? If that’s the case, you might well have done an excellent job of fostering a healthy lifestyle in them! International Walking Your Pet Month is in January. Even though there have been calls for “leash-free” cults, there are solid reasons for […]

7 Essential Winter Care Tips For Your Furry Babies

Orthopedic Macaroon Calming Pet Bed 1

During the winter season, the temperature of your surroundings stoops down so low, and the coldness in the air grows unendurable. But the one thing loved by everyone in this season is getting warm and bundle and roll up while feeling snug. And all this is not just happened with us, but our pets feel […]

Is your Dog getting enough shut-eye?

Furrari Car Dog Bed

We visit a lot of people’s homes where their dogs are not getting enough sleep or rest. They may be receiving enough sleep at night but not during the day, or they are restless at night. Overtiredness in dogs and pups may result in various undesirable behaviors, such as clawing and biting in puppies. Adult […]

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