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Common Dog Health & Behavioral Problems & Solutions

Behaviour issues with dogs are often ignored or not addressed by pet owners. Maybe you’re new to dog ownership, or perhaps you want to help your dog deal with an issue that is difficult to solve. Fortunately, the most frequent dog-related problems you’ll encounter can be solved with easy solutions.

From itchy, flaky skin to the irritable behaviour of doggies, they are all common issues that pet owners have had to deal with numerous times. Let’s examine some of the problems you could face as a pet owner and help you determine what you can do to address these issues.

Extreme Barking

extreme barking
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Dogs often are known to bark, howl, or whine to communicate with each other and other dogs. It’s only a problem if the barking becomes excessive or is causing a disturbance to you and your neighbours.

To solve this problem, an essential question to ask yourself is: what is the reason your dog is barking? It could be an indication of enthusiasm and attention-seeking, fear or boredom, a signal, or simply an expression of frustration with other dogs.

The best solution is to teach them to follow the “bark” or “quiet” rules by rewarding the dog every time they’re quiet or stop barking. It requires a lot of time to train; however, it’s worth it.

Chewing Things All Time

If your dog begins chewing on your belongings, there’s a good chance you’ll find evidence of destruction throughout the home.

It’s not unusual to find dogs chewing on things, but if it becomes a regular occurrence and even destructive, don’t delay looking into what’s causing this behaviour. Dogs often chew on things when they’re in the process of teething. Other causes could be stress, boredom, or anxiety again.

Encourage your pet to chew toys by rewarding them for their efforts and offering good chew toys. If your dog chews on other items, try to make a loud noise and immediately take the object away.

Pulling on the Lead

Sometimes, it isn’t enjoyable when your dog is exuberant and starts pulling you around. However, if it becomes a routine, your dog’s pulling could cause you to fall or stress in your back and shoulder muscles and can cause injury.

Take care to address this issue when it first begins instead of letting your dog continue the behaviour, considering that it’s common. Go for a walk with your dog in your home space (inside and outside in the garden) on a leash to ensure that they feel secure within their familiar surroundings. You might want to consider using a harness or soft head halter.

Learn to train your dog to obey and respond with the “sit” command. You can also give treats to your dog when the dog is calm and sits. Repetition these commands and reward your dog for good behaviour when you move from the familiar surroundings to longer outdoor walks.

Fleas and ticks

Fleas are a frequent parasite that almost every pet faces over the course of their lives. This small irritating creature can jump from one host to another, and your dog can most likely pick them up by being close to infected animals. Pets that have fleas may experience severe itching throughout the body. Itching, scratching, and licking bites to relieve the itching may cause irritation, infection, or even loss of hair.

Luckily, they can be eliminated easily by using the correct medication, and you will find many products that are available in your local pet store to guard your dog against the possibility of future infestations. Along with this, make sure to clean dog beds and bowls regularly to prevent flea and ticks from their habitat.

Bad Breath

The smell of bad breath is an indication that your dog may have an allergy to certain foods, and therefore, consult a veterinarian or experiment with different pet food items. The dog might also have dental issues or plaque, which could be a simple matter of having to brush your teeth with an antibacterial toothpaste, and you can also try a tooth cleaning biscuit toy designed specifically for dogs. 

If an examination reveals discolouration or decay of the gums and teeth, visit your dentist to have a thorough inspection as soon as possible.

Kennel Cough 

Kennel cough is a common occurrence in dogs who have been in congested areas, like at the shelter for animals, at the vet, or in pet accommodations. It’s also an infectious illness that can quickly spread between dogs through droplets of the air or from contact with a dirty surface (water, food bowls, water, or contact with a dog). Although kennel cough might sound like a dangerous disease, it’s similar to the common cold and isn’t usually severe or life-threatening.

The most efficient method to take care of your dog suffering from kennel cough is to provide rest and plenty of nutritious diet and water. Your veterinarian can prescribe some antibiotics to treat it off if the illness is severe. If it’s cold weather, wear warm jackets or sweaters to provide proper warmth to your dog.



Dogs generally bite to satisfy their curiosity. Puppy dogs are known to bite and then nip at their mothers or their siblings and brothers when they’re exploring their surroundings. 

It means that owners might have to take on this task themselves whenever your dog is biting them and causing harm or injury to the people around them or the environment.

Your dog could be biting in a bid to satisfy curiosity. Still, they might also be doing it out of defensiveness, fear, to defend or protect their home or owner because they’re suffering or sick or have been taught this behaviour is normal.


The dogs are inherently protective of the owners. This is an issue when your dog starts to become aggressive towards the other dogs and people. Certain breeds are more inclined than others to be bold; however, it’s typically more due to breeding, instruction, and the surroundings.

Contact your veterinarian if your dog has become hateful towards others, or you, or dogs. It could be due to an issue with your dog’s health that it is trying to warn you about or is afraid or hurt.

If your veterinarian claims that your dog is fine, you should get the help of an experienced behaviourist or trainer to ensure that your dog is taught the right way to behave around both animals and humans. It is essential for personal security and that of your dog as well as others.


Usually, dogs shed hair; however, some breeds do not. They are known as hypoallergenic breeds. The issue with shedding is when it covers carpets, furniture, and even when it is excessive.

The first step is brushing and washing your dog to ensure that there isn’t any build-up of hair skin that causes excessive shed. However, you might be able to ask your veterinarian if any environmental or dietary factors cause your dog to shed frequently. Take note that there are special vacuums for dog hair that effortlessly and quickly remove hair on surfaces.


Dogs also have common behavioural and health problems. By regularly visiting the vet and a robust insurance policy for pets, it is possible to ensure that your pet can always get medical attention when they require it.


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