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Pawreo Dog Tooth Cleaning Toy

Does A Tooth Cleaning Toy Clean Your Dog’s Teeth For A Long Time?

Most of the pet owners know that giving something to their dogs helps them to remain busy. But, do you know that this habit also helps in increasing their oral hygiene. If you don’t make your dog brush regularly, then there are chances of developing bacteria and plaque. Further, the plaque can turn into tartar and lastly results in different dental problems such as inflamed gums, periodontal disease, losing teeth, and even losing the appetite.

Dental health can also hamper the overall health of dogs including digestive organs and health. Professional brushing and cleaning are helpful in maintaining a dog’s overall dental hygiene, but tooth cleaning toys offer better cleaning. Just like us, dogs also go through dental issues like – 

  • Plaque
  • Unpleasant breath
  • Pain in gums
  • Tartar

All these problems can make them suffer from different issues. The dog tooth cleaning toys offered by Supreme Paw Supply are excellently designed to serve their purpose.

Different types of teeth cleaning toys are available

Teeth cleaning toys are very beneficial for dogs’ oral and dental hygiene. You can find enormous options offered by Supreme Paw Supply.

  • Hard toys

These are available in different sizes depending on your dog’s size. They are known for their long-lasting performance and help in keeping tartar and plaque at bay.

  • Soft dental toys

The soft dental toys are meant for senior dogs who face dental problems and don’t have strong teeth. They can easily play with them and work on oral hygiene. Being an excellent range, they can easily remove plaque and ensure fresh breath.

  • Crunchies

These are specially designed for small breeds and puppies to maintain dental hygiene. Moreover, the toys are also helpful in the teething phase while removing plaque or tartar. The crunchy texture is useful in dealing with teething pains.

The toys are designed in a way to benefit your dog’s dental hygiene and overall oral health. Being a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to select the right kind of teeth cleaning toys that your dog can enjoy.

Underlined advantages of tooth cleaning toys

Till now, being a pet owner you might have gotten an idea about such toys. There are lots of benefits you and your dog take from these toys.

  • Minimizing the bad breath

Most of the dogs face unpleasant breaths and this occurred because of bacteria. The tooth cleaning toys play an important role in maintaining the oral hygiene of dogs.

  • Improving the gum and teeth health

For removing the plaque, the mechanical action of chewing plays a vital role and makes a huge difference. Dogs can chew for a long time and dogs that use tooth cleaning toys show less plaque. A good chewing time is helpful in strengthening the gums and cleaning the teeth.

  • Inhibition of Periodontal disease

Dog’s age above 3 years is more prone to developing periodontal disease. Those dogs who don’t maintain oral hygiene get exposed to this disease. The periodontal disease occurred because of the deposition of calculus or tartar. Plaque forms when the food residue and saliva start depositing on the teeth and if not cleaned leads to tartar. The untreated disease causes loss of teeth.

The coarse surface of tooth cleaning toys from Supreme Paw Supply helps in scratching off the plaque and there will be no formation of calculus.

  • Prevention of halitosis

Dog Halitosis, in other terms bad breath occurs because of the deposition of plaques and bacteria inside the dog’s mouth. Once the plaque is removed, there will be fresh breath.

  • Avoiding the destructive chewing behavior

Offering tooth cleaning toys to your dog helps in preventing the destructive chewing behavior of dogs. Dogs like to chew everything due to the curiosity, boredom, stress, or stimulation of teeth. The chew toys are helpful in the stimulation of teeth and control the aggressive behavior of your dog.

What should you look for in tooth cleaning toys?

Every dog breed is different, so are their chewing habits. Therefore, there are certain points one should consider before buying tooth cleaning toys.

  • Finding the right match

It is important that you should find a perfect match depending on the dog’s personality and size. If your dog is an aggressive breed, then these toys are perfect for them.

  • Choose according to your dog’s age

Whenever you are buying toys for your dog, you should keep in mind that you choose the one based on your dog’s age. For example, if you are finding chewing toys for puppies, then look for hard ones. On the other hand, the older dogs face dental issues; therefore they need something soft to chew.

  • Comprise of high quality ingredients

The best tooth cleaning toys are made of supreme quality natural ingredients so that they don’t cause any kind of side effects and dissolve with time. Even if your pet chews some of its parts, it can easily be digested. A good toy offered by Supreme Paw Supply generally lasts for a longer time and keeps your dog’s teeth clean. In the market, you will find some toys made of artificial ingredients that might not suit your dog and result in different allergic reactions.

If you are finding difficulty in keeping your dog’s teeth clean, then you must buy teeth cleaning toys from Supreme Paw Supply.

How can you maintain the dental hygiene of your dog?

Dental hygiene is important for both humans and animals. Hence, here are some important points that every pet owner should keep in mind to deal with the dental issues of dogs.

  • Frequent brushing

Dogs also require regular brushing to clean the teeth to avoid plaque formation. They need to brush at least twice or thrice a week. It also helps in keeping their breath fresh for a longer time. You can easily find kinds of toothpaste that are specifically meant for dogs.

  • Go for professional cleaning

A professional veterinarian knows how to clean your pet’s teeth. For some pet owners, this can be expensive, but still, it is worth spending because it is one of the best ways. The professionals can easily find out the teeth area having issues.

  • Using dental wipes

You can easily find dental wipes for cleaning your dog’s teeth. These are used for wiping out the food stuff stuck in the teeth. It can be a good way of training your dog for brushing your dog’s teeth. 

  • Teeth cleaning toys

Teeth cleaning toys for dogs are specially designed for distracting your dogs during the teething stage, engaging them, and removing the plaque or tartar from the teeth surface.

All these methods are effective in giving the required results, but teeth cleaning toys serve various purposes at the same time. So, if you are also looking for such toys, Supreme Paw Supply is a one stop solution for you where you can find an enormous range of dog toys.

Contact us now and buy them for your pet.

Pawreo Dog Tooth Cleaning Toy


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