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Does rain affect your dog’s activities?

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Have you ever woken up to the sound of pouring rain and thunder? We all love the rain, but it is not the same with your fidos because they get frightened by these sounds. Don’t forget that every dog is different. There are many ways by which rain can affect your pet.

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What is the reason behind this behavior?

As per the experts, rain makes dogs feel uncomfortable and scared too. Sometimes, the owners are not able to understand their problems and scold them. A prime reason behind their fear is sound hitting the roof that may be enjoyable for humans, but not for dogs. Another reason behind it is Barometric pressure that makes dogs rain unwanted. It is so because the dogs are very sensitive to barometric pressure and create the issues. The experts also say that due to moisture, the dogs get a better sense of smell that can be quite scary sometimes.

The truth

Well, the reality is that the thunderstorms are responsible for charging the air with electricity. Hence, it becomes easy to build a static charge for your dog. If your dog is large in size, then this process is much easier and they need extra protection. That’s why; your dogs like to find a cozy space to hide in.

Here, we are discussing some of the reasons behind their scare.

  • Exercises get slow down

During the rain, some people also don’t like to take their dogs outside. This feeling is also noted by the dogs and makes them also lazy. Hence, your pet becomes bored.

  • Low visibility

Indeed, the rain minimizes the visibility of dogs and puts them at risk. When the thunder starts, dogs get frightened and start running here and there making them face the accidents. The pet owners should make sure that you are with them and keep them at a real distance.

  • Pneumonia

Whenever the dogs get exposed to cold weather like in rain, their respiratory tract becomes inflamed resulting in pneumonia. And hence, the dogs’ immune system also gets compromised. You must, being a pet owner, you should notice such symptoms as lethargy, cough, difficulty in breathing, or wheezing.

  • Sounds created in the rain

Dogs have the ability to hear four times more than us. That means, they react more while hearing thunder and pouring sounds. Hence, they become more nervous and overwhelmed. So, notice when your dog hides, barks, pants and try to comfort them. Make them wear a rain jacket or use essential oil to make them calm down.

  • Wet paws

There are some breeds who hate to get wet; even they don’t like to take baths. So, you introduce them to water gradually starting from a very young age. This will make them enjoy the rains and become wet. When their paws get wet, they start puddles all around the home. It makes pet owners irritated and makes them stop going outside in the rain.

  • Amplified smells

The moisture present in the air causes smells to get better. Generally, the water vapors get hold at the time resulting in the smell staying for a longer time. You will automatically notice when you take your dog outside and they start smelling more.

  • Static electricity

Dogs usually roam here and there at home, but if they come running and try to find some place to hide out it means they get scared from the static electricity. It is also possible that dogs can get the shock during the rain time. The rain jacket is a way to protect your dog from static electricity.

  • Anxiety about getting separated

It is a very short term issue, but can’t be ignored. In case you find your dog anxious and you have to leave your home because of some plans, make sure you keep someone with him. This will help in preventing the destructive nature that happens because of separation anxiety. Such a condition only occurs when your dog is super attached to the owner and doesn’t want to get separated from them at any cost.

It might also happen that your pet doesn’t show any signs of separation or anxiety. Still, you should pamper and cuddle them that help the pet in getting calm or comfortable. 

How can I calm my dog?

When the thunderstorms rumble, they get confused because dogs have no idea where the noises are coming from. If your dog feels the same, you can follow any of the mentioned ways that can calm him.

  • Provide him a safe place so that they can protect themselves from a storm. It could be any, the closet, kennel under the bed, or anything. 
  • Keep consoling your dog as you know he is scared as it can affect his fearful behavior. Be available with him and don’t fuss around much. Try to distract him by pampering him, throwing a ball, or giving snacks. 
  • Buy Rain Jackets – This jacket wraps around your small buddy and he will also like swaddling in it. These are designed specially to bring the dogs to a calmer state. 
  • Turn up the sound of music or TV because it can work like magic on frightened dogs. This thing is also recommended by the certified veterinaries as well. 
  • Contacting the veterinary is the last option when something is not working with your dog. He will give you anti-anxiety medications that are quite effective. 

Indeed, it is very essential to give comfort to your dog in various situations. Being an owner, it’s your responsibility to not encourage them to get scared in the rain. Make your dog move into the water slowly so that they get used to the water and don’t find any difficulty. Use the pipe and hose to sprinkle the water on them. It can be one of the ways by which they can enjoy getting wet. Don your raincoat and go for a walk with your furry friend. He will surely appreciate your companionship. Another thing is that you can give him a treat for his good behavior. No matter which method you choose, in the end, it is important that you should take your dog out in the rain and teach them how to be comfortable in this weather. 

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