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HighRize Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

Does your dog cause problems while feeding?

People love to pet dogs because of so many reasons and also keep them as their family members. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for you to deal with the fact that your dog is not eating. If he is just sniffing the bowl, this is a clear sign that there is some problem. Coming to the reasons, there are a lot and hence, it becomes important for you to find what is troubling him.

Though the loss of appetite in dogs signifies illness, it becomes important to look for veterinary care. There can be behavioral issues as well that cause a pet’s hunger strike.

Why your dog is not eating?

As mentioned earlier, there are enormous reasons behind your dog refusing the food. Some of them include –

  • Having a mild stomach ache

One of the common reasons is feeling uneasy by eating something bad. If you suspect that there is belly ache, it is advisable to call the vet. Normally, dogs have good appetites. It is an alarming sign if your dog becomes picky and also checks the chronic signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, or soft spool. There might be an underlying problem that definitely needs attention.

  • The dog has a serious illness

Dogs do suffer from infectious diseases like pancreatitis, parvovirus, or even cancer. This means your dog is really sick and needs medical help. It can directly affect their appetite.

  • Dog swallowed something accidentally

Not eating that they loved before can be alarming. Dogs are actually voracious eaters so they can like biting tennis balls, toys, shoes, and many other things. This condition is true if your dog likes playing. Do check if your pets are throwing up, it shows that they are having problems in their intestines.

  • Your dog is feeling pain

Dogs are great at hiding the pain. But, this might be a reason that shouldn’t be overruled. Breeds like Dobermans and Dachshunds can easily get neck pain, cancer, or osteoarthritis. There are other signs as well like changes in behavior that must be check and you must call the doctor.

  • Having a toothache

The presence of dental problems can result in eating and the dog start kibble or chew anything coming in his way. Especially the smaller breeds get more affected by toothache. You will note that your dog is interested in eating food but his toothache doesn’t allow doing so.

  • Your dog is wasting food

Occasionally, your dog throws tantrums while eating food. In such a scenario, people think that they are not liking the food they cook. If he likes the treats, but not the food; then try to give something else.

  • A dog is away from home

There are some dogs who get excited or tensed at the time of travel. This time they don’t like to eat anything. It also occurs when they feel motion sickness. In case, you are shifting to some new place at that time also your dog can show disinterest in food.

  • The dog is stressed out

 The dogs get anxiety because of severe separation when an owner leaves them and hence, leave eating the food. The owners should consider such things and make the dogs eat their food. What you can do is giving them a new food in a new bowl, especially offered by Supreme Paw Supply.

  • He is holding out

Most times we switch over the brands if our pets ignore eating the same food. Sometimes, we think that it is his attention-seeking behavior, but forget that this could be a real problem. What is the solution? Well, the first thing to do is changing the bowl on which he is feeding. This helps in creating his interest in eating food. Secondly, feed him something different to bring his appetite back.

Buying a new elevated dog bowl from Supreme Paw Supply

Adjustable Dog Bowl Stainless Steel Large Food Water Bowls Feeders with Stand Pet Feeding Double Cat 5

No matter if you have a pup or an adult buddy; elevated dog bowls are excellent for them. You can avail of them from Supreme Paw Supply in various sizes, shapes, and styles. The objective of using this bowl is to attain a number of potential health benefits. If you want to know more about the benefits, read this out further.

  • Feeding becomes easier for dog

The prime benefit of using an elevated bowl is letting your dog eat straight without putting much stress on your dog’s neck and making the mealtime enjoyable. The bowls are best for the picky eaters.

  • Easy to clean

The elevated bowls are raised from the ground level, so it is easy to prevent the dust and dirt or dog’s hair from coming up in the bowl. Hence, keeping your dog clean is easy for you.

  • Minimum spillage

There are elevated dog bowls that are available with anti-tip designs and anti-slip pads which help in keeping the bowls at the same place. If your dog always pushes the bowl, this is your true friend of yours.

Major physical and health benefits

In this part, we are covering the foremost advantages of getting an elevated bowl for your furry friend.

  • Correct the posture

It is usually seen that the larger dogs have a habit to lie down and eat their food. In case you put the bowl on the ground, then it makes them easy to get their food. Raising the bowl to a height can let them eat in the right posture and help them in maintaining it.

  • Minimize the strain

There are some reports that explain how bowls placing the bowl on-ground results in creating strain. It occurs especially when they raise their head after drinking water or finishing the food. Having an elevated bowl reduces the chance of having a strain on the neck. Usually, the dogs get strain on their hips, necks, joints, and shoulders. Moreover, the elevated bowls help the aged dogs from having arthritis, and orthopedic conditions.

  • No more mess

Many times dogs love to splash in their water bowl; hence it becomes important to raise the feeders that can easily be done with an elevated bowl. When there are raise bowls, it reduces the chances of your dog splashing the water or food. The bowl remains still at the same place where your dog can chase it. Another reason for buying these bowls is maintaining hygiene as compared to the traditional ones.

  • Correct aggressive behavior

Dogs when eating from the floor, head get down making them feel territorial around his bowl. This results in aggressive behavior problems whenever someone comes near the food bowl. The elevated bowl is a great thing for dogs that require a taller eating or drinking bowl.

The final words

All these points will definitely make you think about buying elevated bowls. Stopover Supreme Paw Supply to get the enormous range of elevated bowls for your furry friends. Shop with us now!

HighRize Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl Stand


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