Is Using A Harness Good For Your Dog?

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On comparing the dog harness with a dog collar, a harness is considered to be a better fit around the neck of dogs, especially the aggressive ones. Moreover, the dogs start well-behaving while wearing a harness and remain stylish at the same time. Traditionally, harnesses are meant for giving training to the dogs keeping them secure.

Which dog breeds need a harness?

Dog collars are popular among the owners, but they don’t have an idea that they can twist the neck and windpipe of dogs. On the other hand, dog harnesses are designed for moving the pressure from the neck of a dog. Hence, in all terms, the harnesses are considered to be a safe option.

  • Large dogs

Such breeds need to be harnessed so that their owners can get more control when you pull them.

  • Small dogs

Talking about the smaller dogs, they are very delicate from the neck areas. Using a harness can disperse that stress to the back area.

  • Excitable dogs

These dogs are always excited about jumping, twisting, and pulling their owners. Using a harness allows an owner to take better control of them.

In some scenarios, the rescue dogs that have a history of abuse are difficult to control. A harness can help in handling them in a gentler way. Even puppies can be trained nicely to walk while using the harnesses.

Why should you use dog harnesses?

There are numerous reasons behind using the dog harness over others.

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  • Breed and Size

Harnesses are designed in a manner to control large dogs because they will give you a little relief to your arms. Wearing a harness can dissolve the pressure around the neck, shoulders, back, and body of the dogs.

  • Prevent choking and injuries

Dogs’ neck tissues can be damaged when your dog can’t walk calmly. There are some dog breeds that are sensitive to collars or chests that might cause them irritation. Most of the harnesses are designed to have a soft handle for lifting and grabbing the dogs easily.

  • Security

Smaller dogs usually like to remove the dog collars very quickly and distress the dog owners. When you use the harnesses, they wrap around your pet body securely which offers a high level of comfort. For safety purposes, dogs should wear a resistant harness. However, as compared to collars, the harnesses don’t give serious injuries. But, here is a quick tip that never leaves harnesses for a longer time and makes them wear when you are taking a dog outside.

  • Gives better control

When you are confused to choose between a dog collar and harness, then you should undoubtedly opt for a harness. Dog harnesses are suitable for both smaller and larger breeds. These harnesses can equally distribute the weight and hence give better control to the owners.  

  • Offer good visibility

You can find dog harnesses having light reflective strips that can keep your dog safe whenever you take him for a nighttime walk or in low-light environments.

  • Keep dogs fit

It has always been seen that a healthy dog is considered to be a happy dog. There are dog breeds who like to stay active around their owners. The dog harnesses are best for such kinds of dogs while giving a proper fit.

  • Avoid escapes

Dogs can easily get scared or excited and start running when slipping out of the collars. In this case, the dogs become more prone to accidents or loss that they can’t be reunited with their owners. The harnesses give a perfect fit to the dog’s body and prevent possible escape injuries.

  • Prevent ocular proptosis

The condition of ocular proptosis happens when a dog’s eyes start protruding out of its socket. This situation becomes unhealthy and uncomfortable for the dogs. Thus, they immediately need medical attention. Breeds like pugs and Pekingese are more prone to such conditions. The harnesses in this condition offer mobility assistance for owners.

Different kinds of dog harnesses

At Supreme Paw Supply, you can find a number of dog harnesses for your little buddy. They not only work better but also suit their style.

  • Adjustable strap

As the name suggests, adjustable strap harnesses are minimalistic that can be stylish at the same time. This range can fit almost all breeds of dogs and is also the best option for heavy pullers. This is highly recommended because of their easy to adjust features and long lasting nature.

  • Step-In strap

Step-In strap harnesses are designed to slight them easily around the dogs. It generally has two loops, one for each leg. Moreover, it comprises a back strap, which can click together having leash attachment. This is ideal for dog owners because it gives them better control over the dog. Ensure that you adjust the strap correctly.

  • Step-In padded/vest/mesh

This kind of harness style is usually different as the middle section of this type is bulkier than the strap ones. Because of the pads, they offer more safety to your furry friends. Indeed, such a type is an excellent choice for broader-chested dogs like Bulldogs, Boxers, Pugs, German Shepherds, and others.

  • Over-the-Head strap

This kind of harness goes over the dog’s head and clips together in the back. Generally, they are best for long-haired dogs.

  • Over-the-head mesh/vest

It is a better choice for the dogs over an over-the-head strap. The middle section is unbreakable and spreads the pressure holding on the dog back.

  • Back-clip harness

The back-clip harnesses are the versatile kind having a metal D-loop sewn by fabric at the back of harnesses at the point where the dog leash attaches. It is less likely to get tangled and your dog can’t chew it as well.

  • Front clip harness

Front clip harnesses also known as anti pull harnesses are used for teaching your dog not to pull the leash. Their style is quite similar to the back-clip one except for the loop, which is present in front.

  • Day-pack harness

Supreme Paw Supply offers a vast range of harnesses at affordable prices. Make sure that you buy the harness that perfectly fits your dog and temperament.

The conclusion

So, if you are confused about which online store you can trust upon for buying the dog harnesses, then Supreme Paw Supply is the answer. Here you can get varieties of dog harnesses in different colors, styles, and shapes. Either you can use them along with dog collars or use them alone. With time, these are becoming quite popular as the offered harnesses are gentle on your buddy’s body, avoid any kind of damage on the neck and excellently distribute the pull of the leash to the dog’s shoulder and chest. Perhaps, your dog does listen to you, but on certain occasions, he gets more excited and starts pulling the leash. Contact us and get a supreme range of dog harnesses to meet your requirements.


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