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Is your Dog getting enough shut-eye?

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We visit a lot of people’s homes where their dogs are not getting enough sleep or rest. They may be receiving enough sleep at night but not during the day, or they are restless at night. Overtiredness in dogs and pups may result in various undesirable behaviors, such as clawing and biting in puppies.

Adult dogs need 12-14 hours of sleep each day. If they align with your sleep habits, say 8 hours at night, then the other hours must be obtained during the day. Older dogs tend to sleep more since they wear out more quickly and, in my opinion, need slumber to perform effectively. Puppies, like newborns, use a lot of energy when interacting and discovering their new surroundings; it may be stressful learning human norms and learning about the world; therefore, they may need up to 18 to 20 hours of sleep to recuperate.

Reasons your dog isn’t sleeping

Sleep is essential for dogs, just as it is for humans since it allows its body to recover. A dog that does not get enough sleep has a weaker immune system, making them more susceptible to illness and in danger of severe diseases. It has a significant impact on mood. We would be mistaken to believe that since people suffer from tiredness and an increased risk of obesity due to a lack of sleep, dogs are not in danger as well. Some of the reasons that your dog isn’t sleeping are listed below-

The inadequate or unpleasant bed area:

A hard floor or a synthetic dog bed are not pleasant for a dog and are not conducive to a good night’s Sleep or sufficient Sleep or rest during the day. In the wild, dogs dig the ground to soften it or seek the most comfortable resting place they can discover. Yes, dogs prefer the floor, especially when it is hot, but some move about a lot throughout the night, something you would observe if they’re on your bed, which means others fight in cages for the same reason. A moving bed is disturbing on hardwood, tile, or laminate floors, and anxious dogs will not want to lie on it. Dogs are sociable creatures and usually like to rest near us; a fully relaxed dependent dog would gladly sleep away.

Many people visit the kitchen and inform me their dogs continually bother the guests; I glance around the kitchen and find no place for the dog to chill and cool down.

Heating in the Floor:

This is another issue for some dogs, especially if you have this all across the home; dogs overheat fast, so having a spot where they can go that is not heated is essential. If your pup digs a hole and then sleeps in it, the primary reason is that they either don’t have a comfortable spot in the home or are burrowing to get to the excellent soil below; if you don’t like it, give them an equal, such as an ideal bed in the shade.

The location, location, location:

Your doggy must have at least one bed where there is no foot traffic, distant from where your kids play a lot and the noise and bustle of a busy home, never near a cabinet that is often used, and so on.

These days, many places where puppies sleep, like the kitchen, have no window blinds/curtains. Thus dogs are bothered by all the creatures that wake up at night that we are unaware of. This may increase their anxiety or put them on high alert, and the lack of shades can cause them to wake up as the sun rises.

Purchase of a Dog Bed from Supreme Paw Supply

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Madras Dog Bed

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep for relaxation and rejuvenation. This is true not just for humans but also for dogs. Dogs sleep from 12 to 18 hrs each day, depending on their age. So, just like you, they need a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Although you may sometimes or often discover your pooch cuddled by your side during the night, dogs need their bed. Then, even when you’re not present, they may unwind in a designated area dedicated to them. If you don’t allow your dog to sleep on your bed, it’s even more essential for him to have a comfortable place that isn’t the floor.

How to Spot Sleep Deprivation in Dogs?

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In theory, dog sleep is not dissimilar to human sleep. However, a lack of sleep has a significant impact on the dog, leaving them susceptible.

Please keep in mind that the symptoms listed below may vary based on the dog breed. If the dog’s inherent need for sleep is not met, it will exhibit aberrant behavior. Dogs typically exhibit restlessness and over-excitement during the initial stage of sleep deprivation. Weak motor skills and lack of focus are prominent in the second phase. Furthermore, many drowsy dogs are unpredictable. The next step is irritation and anxiety. Aggression is a symptom of stage 4 of sleep deprivation in dogs. In addition, your pet may be very ill.

As a result, a lack of sleep has an impact on both cognitive and emotional well-being. In the worst-case scenario, it may lead to chronic diseases that are very hazardous, even fatal.

To summarise:

Phase 1: Anxiety and over-excitement

Phase 2: Inattention and erratic motor behavior

Phase 3: Anxiety and irritation

Aggression and illness mark the fourth stage.

Stage 5: Severe or chronic illness

The Benefits of a Good Dog Bed

A good dog bed gives your pet a place that is comfy and supporting, and plush. Consider how you sleep best. Don’t you feel better on a fluffy, cloud-like pillow supporting your head on a comfortable bed? Many characteristics constitute a decent dog bed, and they should be taken into account while searching for one for your furry companion.

A lovely dog bed supports the joints:

When dog’s age, they may develop osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, as well as other joint disorders. A comfortable dog bed is essential to cushion your dog’s body and offer respite from the discomfort linked to age-related health issues. A cozy dog bed also supports the joints of growing pups, providing a pleasant night’s sleep.

Beds with unique interlocking fill materials offer soft, supporting comfort for your dog’s body, particularly the joints. This reduces discomfort in elderly dogs with arthritis at night-time and naps during the day.

Furrari Car Dog Bed


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