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Monkey Fleece Dog Vest (Natural)

Give a nice gift to your furry buddy this summer

Summer is here again and we all love to cheer this season. But when the summer comes, it brings a lot of heat making your furry friends uncomfortable.

No worries!

Nowadays, you can easily get pet cooling mats and pet cooling vests to keep your puppers comfortable and cool. Dogs usually don’t sweat by their skin as it comes through their paws. Dog cooling mats are the right investment to make. Obviously, we don’t want our pets to sit and suffer the heat. So, let’s start discussing these innovations ideal for your puppies.

What are the cooling vest and mats?

Talking about the cooling vests, they are normally like harness, which almost covers the body of your pet. They can easily hold up the water and keep the pets cool on summer days. Dog likes to cuddle on the floor as it makes them cool. A dog cooling mat is designed to keep your dog comfortable all the time.

Is it essential to have them?

Whatever breed of pet you have, they are prone to heat stroke. This leads to dehydration and exhaustion. Hence, it is important to give them the best accessories available in the market like cooling mats. The products are specifically designed for keeping their body temperature low and prevent overheating.

How do they work?

To use the cooling mats or vests, you can simply soak them up in cold water and then put them on your pet. Now, leave all things on them as they will show their effectiveness. The layers are able to avoid water evaporation while holding the water and give maximum contact to your pets’ bodies.

You can find them in different sizes and designs to accomplish your requirements. However, they are made of different materials like water, air, or gel. For example, there is one variety available having pressure-activated substances meant for keeping your pets cool. And, this can be done by absorbing the heat from the animal’s body. The gel used inside it can easily be recharged and chills even when your pet is not wearing it.

Another kind of cooling mat generally makes use of cold water. They function by absorbing and redistributing the heat. You will love them as cooling vests and mats are usually scratch-resistant, durable, and don’t puncture easily.

What exactly the cooling mats are made of?

Now you must be wondering what the cooling mats are made of. Well, it completely depends on the type you choose. Some of them are made of just tap water while others can have certain special chemicals. As compared to the former, the latter one shows its cool effect for a longer time. But, you have to be watchful because if mistakenly the mat breaks and your pet ingest the chemicals, it will result in injury. Few of the varieties we are discussing over here –

  • Water filled mats

These are considered to be the safest choice because they are filled with cold tap water. Another thing is that these mats are quite affordable and remain cold for about 7 hours.

  • Ice pack cooling mats

As the name suggests, these are filled with ice packs and can easily be put in the freezer overnight. This is considering being the coolest option for pets as they find them uncomfortable.

  • Pressure activated cooling pads

Also known as Gel cooling pads, these don’t require water or electricity to charge them. Rather they work by absorbing the dog’s temperature and cools down. The pads get activated when they feel the weights and get recharged. Before buying check whether the pads contain toxic gel or not. One thing to be noted is that pressure-activated cooling pads shouldn’t be used in sun or else they get destroyed.

  • Phase changing cooling pads

As per the claim, these are known to stay coolest for a long time. It is so because these kinds of cooling mats are made of a unique chemical substance that can easily convert from a solid state to a liquid state. This is done by absorbing the heat of pets’ bodies.

Highlighted advantages of cooling vests and mats

The available cooling mats come with lots of benefits for your four-legged friends. Let see!

  • Stops Overheating: A cool mat is excellent for keeping your furry friend comfortable all day long.
  • Helps in keeping your pets clean: Such products are known for keeping your pets’ elevated surfaces clean.
  • Minimizes shedding: The four-legged usually shed their hair especially in the summer month. Offering the cooling mats help your pets to relax and reduce shedding things.
  • Great for senior pets: There are many cooling mats ideal for providing orthopedic support to joint and muscle pains that happened to your pets.

Truly speaking, the cooling mats and vests are perfect for your furry friends to keep them cool quickly as compared to traditional beds. You can easily find so many products available in the market if you want to give them a perfect gift and keep their temperature under control.

Do the cooling mats worth the money to spend?

It completely depends on your dog’s response to the cooling mats. Place some toys or treats on the mats so that they can enjoy them while keeping themselves cool.

The Supreme Paw Supply is a one-stop place for you if you are looking for cooling mats and vests for your four-legged friends. Here, you will get all kinds of premium dog apparel and products. Either you want to buy them for your pets or like to gift them; they are perfect for them as they will love these products.

The Supreme Paw Supply is dog lovers themselves and hence offers the products that are loved by the pets as well. Serving the customers is our topmost priority and continuously working towards it to improve customer satisfaction.

If you are looking to give a special treat to your pet, The Supreme Paw Supply can help you with that. You can trust us as you will always get the top-quality product that you and your pet will love for sure.

Shop with us, you will definitely find something that you are looking for.

Monkey Fleece Dog Vest (Natural)


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