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Portadoggle Portable Dog Water Bottle

Among others, a dog water bottle is also an essential part of your pet care routine. It helps your dog to remain hydrated when you are going out somewhere. Keeping a water bottle filled with fresh water can help you drench the water requirement of your dog and your trip goes smoothly.

Why is it important to keep your dog hydrated?

Being human, we need hydration; just like that animals, especially dogs also need proper hydration. Whether they are walking, running, or playing on the ground; make sure that you give them enough water. There are several factors on which the daily intake of water depends. The dog’s size and weight also play an essential role in the hydration process. To keep your dog hydrated sufficiently, it is best to buy a quality water bottle for him offered by Supreme Paw Supply. The bottle has sufficient capacity to meet the water needs of your dog.

What are the signs of dehydration in your dog?

The dogs are unable to tell when they are thirsty; hence you must read the signs of dehydration by continuously monitoring them. Purchasing a dog water bottle is a wise investment to avoid dehydration. Here are some of the signs of dehydration.

  • Decrease in energy
  • Panting
  • Vomiting
  • Dry nose
  • Thick saliva

If you are still not able to read the signs then check the skin elasticity, which is a common sign of symptom.

Noted benefits of proper hydration

  • Water constitutes the major part of our body and healthy cells. If a dog doesn’t drink enough water, then his body will stop working properly.
  • Water is also known to be an important component of blood. Therefore, it is helpful in removing the wastes from the body via bowel movement and urination.
  • If the dog is hydrated properly, then his body’s nutrient absorption and digestion become healthy.
  • Normally, the dog’s body temperature is usually high, therefore he needs water to maintain the body temperature, especially during summer.

These benefits are enough to keep your dog hydrated no matter what activity he is doing.

Selecting the ideal dog water bottles for your pet

To buy something, we spend hours comparing different dog water bottles to see which one is the best. At Supreme Paw Supply, you will get the right type of dog items like clothes, toys, beds, and many other things. As we know that when we are traveling, taking a walk with our pet, or playing, keeping your dog hydrated becomes quite difficult. In such a scenario, the best quality water bottle can be a great help.

Is a water bottle helpful for your dog?

The water bottles designed for a dog are special and have an attached container that generally acts as a bowl so that your dog can easily drink water. If your dog is saying no to drinking water from a water bottle, then you can put his favorite sweet or flavor so that you take some water in a container and the dog can easily drink it.

What should you consider when you are purchasing a water bottle for your dog?

Buying a good quality dog water bottle is equally essential. Hence, here are some points that you should contemplate while buying a water bottle.

  • Type of material

Of course, there are a number of materials in which you can find dog water bottles like plastic, steel, and others. You can select from whatever suits your dog. Whichever material you choose, make sure that it is BPA free and doesn’t cause any health hazards.

  • Storage capacity

The storage capacity usually depends on the size of your dog. There is no sense in carrying a large bottle when you are traveling with your dog. At Supreme Paw Supply, we offer a good quality range of water bottles that is not too big or small.

  • Cleaning

Always ensure that the design of the water bottle should be simple because if it is not then it could be quite challenging to clean up. When you are purchasing a water bottle, don’t forget to buy a bottle cleaning brush for the cleaning purpose.

  • Having built in water filter

This feature is optional as nowadays many of us use RO water to drink and give the same to our dog. It is required when someone’s pet is facing a problem while staying hydrated. Using a water filter in a bottle gives better tasting and offers a better experience.

The mentioned factors are helpful for many pet owners to choose the right quality water bottle for their dog.

Advantages of water bottle work for your dog

Does your dog get thirsty while playing games outside or going for a long walk? Well, the water bottle offered by Supreme Paw Supply is a perfect example to quench the thirst of your dog. The portable water bottles are the best in the market because they are featured with an activated carbon filter. This filter is useful for removing unwanted impurities so that your dog can drink clean water.

Generally, the dog water bottle works better in many ways, and depending on this you can purchase a good quality water bottle. While shopping for a bottle, do look for durability, lightweight, and convenience of usage. There are many benefits of buying a water bottle for your dog.

  • Highly durable

The water bottle offered by Supreme Paw Supply is designed to last for a longer time and is easy to clean.

  • Healthy hydration

The BPA-free plastic used for water bottles cannot leach out the toxins. So, your dog can enjoy safe water and keep hydrated.

  • Safe

A good quality water bottle is designed specifically to allow your pet to drink safely without spilling.

  • Convenient to use

While investing in a dog water bottle, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Travel friendly design

The lightweight design of the water bottle is very easy to carry anywhere you are traveling with your dog.

There are many more benefits of buying a water bottle for your dog. Look into all these benefits to make your final decision of buying water bottles.


Supreme Paw Supply is amongst the trusted online stores where you can find numerous ranges of dog items. The bottles we are offering are featured with excellent design so that the dog can easily roll his tongue and can easily drink the water. The bottles are available in different colors and featured with a key lock so that there is no leakage.

Pet owners can contact Supreme Paw Supply to buy different products for their pets at affordable prices.


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