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Macaron Dog Bed

Preventing the calluses in dogs with dog beds

Have you ever noticed calluses on your dog’s hips and elbows?

Does your dog find it difficult to get up?

Is your dog facing stiffness or moving slower after taking a long nap?

Does the dog constantly change its positions while sleeping?

One of the reasons behind it could be a dog bed that can’t come to your notice. When it comes to the solution, there are many things you can opt to treat these calluses. Well, it does not do anything much to your dog, but it gets dry causes a little bit of pain.

Why calluses occur in your dogs?

The prime reason behind calluses is the way dogs lay on hard surfaces. They act as pressure sored when dogs get while lying in a particular spot for a long time. Especially, in the summer months, your pet tries to find a cool corner to be there for hours. In case your dog is overweight, then it is very common to have calluses. Commonly, the calluses are finding in the elbow and hips resulting in cracks and bleeding.

Usually, the callus is responsible for giving protection to protruding bones against pressure. The problem can be seen in light-colored dogs because their skin becomes thick, gray, and hairless. Certain surfaces like tiled floors, decks, shady wooden and cement kernel floors are cold, but become one of the reasons behind calluses.

Which breed of dogs gets calluses easily?

Many dogs take an average sleep of 20 hours a day that might cause pressure on their joints. The supportive dog beds are great for all types of dogs.

Calluses can easily be found basically in the large and giant breed because of the pressure put on their joints. Common breeds who suffer from this condition are Labrador retrievers, mastiffs, and Great Danes. If you think that fluffy ones can resist this, then we must tell you that it is not necessary at all. There are some breeds having thick coats of hair but still suffer from elbows and joint pain. Generally, the elderly or sick dogs are more susceptible to calluses.

Do the calluses are painful?

Sometimes, elbow calluses are itchy and irritating, but not painful or dangerous if you are concern about your dog’s health. Before it gets too late, try to check the tell-tale signs like discolored skin, dryness, hair loss, and others so that you can take the preventive steps. There are some complications related to calluses that you should also look into.

  • Pyoderma

Keep a check on your dog if he is scratching or chewing the patches as it leads to small cracks in the hardened skin. It will further allow Staphylococcus bacteria to grow in it and enter the body. It causes pyoderma to occur. The elbows are actually prone to such bacterial infections rather than other joints. Immediately contact your veterinarian on finding the crack, bleed, oozing, or scaling.

  • Hygromas

Another thing to be noted is the development of fluid pockets known as hygromas. The veterinary doctor can easily drain out the uninfected hygromas. Well, this condition can be painful and in certain conditions, your dog might undergo surgery.

Doing the early detection and finding the solution is key to save your dogs from calluses.

How to help your dogs from not getting the calluses?

Learning about the solutions for treating the calluses in a dog, there are so many ways to do so. Though, the treatments are few if you want to try them at home.

  • Good quality bedding

In case your dog doesn’t have a plush bed, it is suggested to have one rather than making him sleeps on a harder surface.

  • Petroleum jelly

Regular use of petroleum jelly is helpful in keeping the calluses to stop from being bigger. The skin only becomes hardened when the dog sleeps on the hard surface.

  • Dog balm

You can easily find over-the-counter balms for a dog that are specifically meant for calluses and also meant for keeping the dog’s feet pads soft. Use the balm on the dog’s elbows for preventing the symptoms.

  • Vitamin E and other supplements

It is one of the methods for preventing the development of calluses in dogs.

Dog beds – Ideal for preventing calluses

It is always said that prevention is better than cure and it is true for calluses. You can help your dog too by buying quality beds offered by Supreme Paw Supply. The popular dog beds are simple in design and popular for –

  • Soft touch.
  • Encouraging the dogs to lie on it.
  • Available in a different size.
  • Various color options.
  • Minimize the anxiety.
  • Keep the dogs relaxed.

Many people do research while purchasing a decent dog bed. No more when you are buying it from Supreme Paw Supply. We can guarantee you the quality range that helps your dog from having calluses.

Here, we are mentioning some of our top-rated dog beds that you will also like to buy for your furry friends.

Orthopedic Macaroon Calming Pet Bed

products product image 984791206

The Orthopedic Macaroon Calming Bed is a pronounced choice among pet owners. This bed is everything you can ask for. It is excellent for using tactile pressure and useful in heightening up the comfort level. Moreover, it also provides elegant support to the dogs’ bodies whenever they lay on the bed preventing the occurrence of calluses. The positive thing about this bed is that it will not get dips with time and give a bouncy feel. The grip of this bed at the bottom is meant for keeping the bed in right place. The Orthopedic Macaroon Calming Pet Bed is useful in keeping the dogs cool, comfortable, and give a soft touch.

The offered bed is great for dogs having joint pain and arthritis. You can find the range in different sizes allowing it to fit in cars or other places as well. If your dog travels with you everywhere, then nothing can be best than this. Basically, it looks like a large pillow and helps the older dogs to take proper rest.

The orthopedic beds are best for the animal’s body as they evenly distribute their body weight throughout the surface. However, the range is also useful in eliminating the painful pressure points present on hips and joints. The orthopedic beds are usually made of memory foam meant for minimizing the pain.

The conclusion

If you start noticing your dog start developing calluses, immediately buy a quality range of dog beds before the condition becomes worse. Keep a note on a dog when they are sleeping on a hard surface and offer them these beds. Also, try petroleum jelly or balm as an additional preventive measure. In case the calluses become big and crack starts occurring, don’t be late on calling the vet for taking the appointment and start the treatment for calluses.

Contact Supreme Paw Supply for buying a quality range of dog beds and other accessories at affordable prices.

Macaron Dog Bed


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