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Dog Raincoat

Raincoats – The best buddy for your dogs in the rain

Truly, the raincoats look adorable on your dogs, and equally, it is of practical use. The basic raincoats available in the market can protect your dog from rains, but can the dog warm as well at the same time. The right kind of raincoat can prevent him from snowy or windy weather. You definitely want something that lets your pet do adventure in this weather. The initial thing that should come to your mind is that your dog really needs a raincoat.

Generally, the dogs need a raincoat able to naturally trap the warmth and be able to repel the water. If you have a pet who loves to enjoy the rain but doesn’t like to wear clothes then a raincoat is the right option to invest in.

Why do your dogs need a raincoat?

A raincoat for your dog is more than a fashion accessory because you want him to be protected. The dog breeds that have a short coat and there is no undercoat become more sensitive to wetness and cold because of rain. Letting them wear a raincoat is a perfect choice in the tough rainy season. If you also have the following dog breeds, then it is important for you to buy a functional yet stylish dog raincoat.

  • Small size dogs
  • Short haired dogs
  • Dog having a weak immune system
  • Small puppies
  • Breeds having large ears
  • Dogs do not have hairs on the body because of some illness
  • Dogs having any disease or go through some surgery
  • Dogs whose bellies are touching the ground

Buying raincoats for such dogs can keep them clean, your house cleaner and it can be easy for you to take them outside in the rain. The warm feeling of raincoats, especially offered by Supreme Paw Supply encourages your dog to enjoy in cold and wet weather.

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Underlined factors required for a good dog raincoat

Every pet owner desires to purchase the right thing for his pet and be able to give maximum benefits of the purchase. The same applies with dog raincoats as there are many factors to look upto while buying one for your dog and keep away the frustration.

  • Looking for the right shape and size

It is very important that you should choose the right shape and fit for your dog depending on his body. There are a plethora of varieties available on market, some have sleeves while some do not. You can select as per the type you need. Raincoats having sleeves offer extra protection from harsh rainy weather and also make sure that no water enters inside the raincoat. Hence, the raincoats offer the maximum advantage and serve the purpose.

  • Having hood

Raincoats having hoods is also a great way to keep your dog dry in the rainy season. Also, try to experiment to know what kind of raincoat your dog likes. It has been seen that not all dogs like to wear a raincoat with a hood.

  • Choosing the right color

Color selection is equally important when you are buying a raincoat for your dog. It is so because; this helps in increasing the visibility of drivers in low light weather conditions.

  • Must be easy to use

It is essential that you buy a raincoat which is easy to use. This statement means that the raincoat must be easy to put in and pull off. Also, if you are using a leash then make sure that it goes well with it as well. There are some raincoats that open the leash when we open them. Therefore, you must make the right choice.

  • Waterproof in nature

At the time of buying a raincoat, a common factor that we consider is its waterproof nature. Even the dog should be able to see in low light weather conditions. Make sure that the raincoat serves the purpose and keeps your dog dry.

  • Having a warm liner

Depending on the dog’s requirements, a raincoat should have a warm liner of synthetic material, wool, or fleece that can keep him warm in the rainy season. But, do check that the material shouldn’t be allergic to your dog.

  • Washable

Most of the raincoats are easy to wash whether you are doing it in a machine or by hand. So, based on the option, you can select the raincoat. Obviously, the raincoats get dirty and require cleaning frequently. It will be better if you buy a raincoat that can be machined to wash.

  • Breathability

So, now that you have chosen a waterproof and good quality material raincoat, have you ever checked about its breathability? Raincoat made of breathable fabric is a key factor that shouldn’t be overruled. A good fabric has the ability to absorb moisture and release the fabric. The more breathable material, the more warmth it gives.

  • Sealed seams

You might buy a raincoat that is completely waterproof but is it properly sealed. It is very important that raincoats should be sewn properly to prevent strong downpours. At Supreme Paw Supply you will get the best performance raincoat at affordable prices.

It’s pretty clear why your dog needs a good quality raincoat. So, if you are looking for a good range of raincoats, the Supreme Paw Supply is the right place to contact.

Getting the best dog raincoat

Raincoats offered by Supreme Paw Supply come out to be the right choice for your furry friend. You can get all kinds of sizes from which you can select depending on your requirements. Our range is ideal for protecting your friend from windy and wet weather. You can adjust the jacket according to your needs. A well-designed raincoat is the right solution when you are taking your dog for a walk during the rainy season. Buying a dog raincoat gives wonderful benefits. Don’t forget to make a proper selection by looking into your budget.

Supreme Paw Supply is a one-stop online store to meet all your dogs’ requirements. We are very proud to offer quality products to pet owners. You and your furry friends will definitely love them. They will not only serve the purpose but also have modern designs. With us, you can shop quality products at affordable prices because we ship worldwide.

Dog Raincoat


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