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What’s The Best Way To Style and Size Your Hypebeast Dog?

You will have several chances to style your dog year round. It’s important to measure your dog correctly to get the correct size. You must measure the neck, body length and chest of your dog to make sure you purchase the correct size for them. In this post, we are sharing sizing tips to choose the right size for your pup.

  • Use a measuring tape

Using a measuring tape that is made of a soft material is excellent for measuring the correct size of your dog. Usually, if you choose a measuring tape meant for the purpose of sewing, it is perfect for taking accurate measurements while not bothering your pup while measuring them. To take the proper measurement, wrap the tape around the neck, chest and head and insert your two fingers before noting the final measurements. This will help in buying the right size of clothes allowing your dog to move freely and comfortably.

  • Please keep your pets bathroom habits in mind

How your dog uses the bathroom is also an important factor when selecting hypebeast dog clothes. Male dogs have the habit of raising their legs to urinate and being a pet owner you have to pick the right clothes. Search for the designs that are generally cut away from their belly or groin area. You can find dog shirts and sweaters easily throughout our site. Always keep in mind that you should get clothes offering a secure fit behind the front legs.

  • Check the temperature

Check the weather before you make your pet wear clothes while going outside. If your dog is wearing a thin coat, you should ensure that your dog gets the proper warmth. Put a coat or sweater on them whenever you are going outside for a walk with your dog in the winter. Dogs having arthritis or some chronic medical conditions reap benefits if you put clothes on them indoors as well, providing them with appropriate warmth to relieve joint pain. For every pet owner, the comfort of their pets should be of utmost priority.

  • Check the ground clearance

Most of the dog clothes are specifically designed for dogs that are designed to give a snug fit to your dog. Whatever outfit you choose, ensure that it shouldn’t drag on the ground and hinder your dog’s movement. Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the garment. Based on your pet’s activity or movement, you can choose the designs and garment.

  • Check the growth of your dog

Just like humans, the outfit that you buy for your puppy cannot fit when he grows up. If your pooch is growing up fast, then it is very important that you take the measurements on a regular basis. It is a very good idea to buy the clothes based on new measurements that will give the best fit.

  • Fastening factor

Checking the style of fasteners can easily make or break an outstanding outfit. Generally, the active pets wear adorable outfits made of Velcro fasteners. However, the weight of your dogs can also be a reason behind how the garment fits on your dog. Buying a pullover style sweater like dragon sweatshirts is easy to wear and becomes a practical choice among the pet owners.

  • Check your dog’s senses

It has been seen that dogs are usually comfortable in outfits that keep their senses intact. Animals completely rely on their smell, hearing and sight to move and do their activities. Hence, always buy the clothes that do not cover their nose, ears and mouth so that they can move freely.

  • Search for loose pieces

Never select clothes having buttons or small objects that your dog can chew or swallow resulting in choking. Therefore, the best outfits are those that consist of little or no choking risk. The pet owners should monitor your dog and avoid interactions that can destroy the dog’s clothes.

  • Reward your dog

If your dog is wearing the clothes, it could be a special treat for the pet owners and pets. Measure your dogs to check a new outfit. This will surely help you in creating a strong bond and positive reinforcement with your furry friend. You can give your pet treats so that they easily wear the clothes without creating any difficulty.

  • Never make your dog wear the clothes for too long

Normally, a pet can wear a dress for many hours, but if it is not comfortable then it is better to take the outfit off. If you want to keep your dog comfortable, buy some sweatshirts or hoodies for your pooch.

The tips above are useful in selecting the right hypebeast dog clothes which are not only cute, but also comfortable. Your pet will surely love to wear them.

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