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What you should know about dog beds being a pet parent?

We all treat our dogs as a family member and take care of everything from their food to the bedding system. Many times, owners get irritated because of the dogs’ chewing habits making them buy a new one. There are lots of luxury beds available in Supreme Paw Supply that not only suit your requirements but also get loved by the beds. But, before knowing about that first it is important why dogs have the habit of chewing beds.

Of course, our dogs deserve a good quality bed where they can rest and relax. Hence, it becomes difficult to spend your money on a bed which your pet can’t destroy. There are certain reasons behind it.

  • Boredom and anxiety

One should understand that dogs also need stimulation for both mind and body. Even if you are busy with your own stuff, don’t forget to take your dogs on regular walks, bring toys for them and involve them in different activities. Because of this, it will help in killing their boredom.

  • Exploring

Pups act similar to babies when it comes to chewing things. It is a way of learning and understanding the things around them because this is just their behavior.

  • Basic health issues

Another reason on the list is the health issues behind the dog chewing habit. Make an appointment with the vet to discuss these health problems that can be diagnosed as gastrointestinal issues or compulsive chewing disorder.

Hence, whenever you are in search of a good quality bed, you should mainly focus on comfort and durability.

Dogs’ beds – What you should know about them?

You can find dog beds fancy or simple, homemade or expensive, or a mix of all. Now, the question is how you can choose the right dog bed for your pets? Well, this guide is helpful in buying a dog bed.

Even when you allow your dog to share your bed that doesn’t mean there is no need for his own bed. Well, there are numerous benefits of buying dog beds. Dogs can use them for napping and sleeping because they will keep them warm, help in relieving the arthritic joints, and prevent calluses. Unlike couches, the beds are more comfortable and spacious. Moreover, you can pack the bed and take it with you when you are traveling with your dog.

The beds can easily be washed and make your life easier as they will prevent unwanted accidents, protect from fleas or mites, and also the dogs can easily roll on the bed. For dogs, a dog bed is a secure place for them where they feel safe.

Madras Dog Bed
Madras Dog Bed

What types of dogs’ beds are present?

The pet owners are available as simple as an old pillow or you can find them in fancy designs. The selection completely depends on budget, décor, and taste. The most important factor to consider is the comfort level of your dog.

Some common styles of dog beds

The pet owners have lots of options available currently.

  • Nesting or snuggle beds – These are quite similar to the beanbag chairs and best for the smaller dogs.
  • Bolsters – This type contains one long side, has a built-in pillow and is ideal for larger dogs.
  • Waterproof beds – Such types of beds are good for outdoor usage.
  • Flat pads or mats – These are cost-effective options for your dogs.
  • Cuddler/nest beds – The beds are available in traditional bowl shapes.
  • Donut shaped beds – As the name suggests, these are circular bolsters having a removable center pillow.
  • Homemade beds –beds are customized and inexpensive. They are made of extremely safe materials, which are not irritating.
  • Orthopedics beds – These beds are designed especially to support the joints of old dogs.
  • Heated beds – Beds are designed for keeping the warmth of a dog’s body. Hence, such beds are best for those dogs that get cold easily.
  • Cot-style beds – They are meant for properly distributing the dog’s weight and keeping the dog rested comfortably.
  • Travel beds – Yes, they are completely portable whenever you are traveling. For dogs who get anxious in new places, these beds make them relax and get them to sleep.

Factors you should focus on while buying Dog beds

Many dog beds you can find in the market, but how can you select the best one? There are so many factors like cost, comfort, medical needs, convenience, and many more that need to be emphasized.

  • Perfect fit

Looking for a dog bed in your budget is not enough; you also have to check its fit. That means, his head and limbs must fit properly.

  • Easy to wash

Dogs like to eat their treats on bed, vomit, scratch, wipe the medicines and also pass the gas in their bed. There are some dogs that also urinate in their beds. So, it’s become important that you can easily wash the bed in a washing machine without hampering its quality.

  • Provide safety

Another advantage of good quality beds is that you can place them away from the crowd. One more thing you must check is that the bed shouldn’t contain any buttons or ribbons so that the dog is not able to chew them.

  • Opt for the stuffing that works great for you and your dog

Most of the time, the young dogs prefer to have a normal foam filling, but when it comes to older or arthritic dogs, they are more likely to lay on comfortable and supportive dog beds. The available orthopedic beds are made of foam as it is thicker and is of very high quality. Nowadays, a flexible gel is becoming more popular as bed filling because it is more comfortable and easily distributes your dog’s weight.

  • Comprise of absorbent pads

Geriatric dogs do get the benefits from disposable absorbent pads. But one disadvantage is that they don’t perfectly fit the nesting bed very well and cause discomfort.

The conclusion

Dogs’ beds are a necessity for the dogs to offer them comfort when they are resting or sleeping. Supreme Paw Supply is an online store offering a supreme range of dog beds that not only meet your expectations but are also best suited to your dogs.


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