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Oversized Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Why are toys essential for dogs?

The pets can easily get overwhelmed after seeing the toys. Their wide eyes, wagging tails are signs of their liking for them. A plethora of dog toys are present in the market and undoubtedly, your pet has his own personal favorites. If you know what your pet loves, you can visit Supreme Paw Supply and shop for dog toys.

What is the need for dog toys?

First of all, it is important that one should know why exactly dogs need toys. The right kind of toys can really help the dogs for improving physical as well as mental stimulation. Moreover, these toys are also useful in preventing dogs from unwanted chewing of things like cushions, furniture, and many other things. This means the toys are best for distracting them from damaging the property. Another advantage of using these toys is that they can keep the dogs calm whenever they are stressed. 

Dogs are usually pack animals who don’t like to spend time alone. Rather they prefer to be around people and play different games. Toys are the best way to keep them entertained for a longer time even if you are not there with them. Toys are available in different types that help them develop new skills and also enhance their natural behavior like playing and exploring. 

Certainly, the dogs’ toys are perfect mental stimulators that encourage the dogs to kill their boredom. Moreover, they are also helpful in minimizing the chance of attention seeking and destructive behaviors. Dogs act like children and make the pet owners irritated due to their habits. So, why not give them dog toys and make them happy. 

Different types of dogs

The dog toys’ types are divided into different categories based on the dogs’ activities. 

·       Active dogs

Are you struggling to keep the dog calm from running madly in the park? Giving them toys is a great way to play with them in your home as well. The ball that makes sound and bounces is a good option to play with them. 

·       Lazy dogs

These types of dogs need some extra encouragement to be active. The squeaky toys in the shape of bones can motivate them to get into different activities. 

·       Smart dogs

Is your dog smarter than others? If you think so, then test them with the interactive toys and note down their reactions. 

·       Playful dogs

Toys become a reason to bring you and your pet closer. It’s a kind of stress release and builds trust between you both. 

How can you choose the right kind of toys for your dogs?

Toys are definitely loved by the pets and hence, you have to be very careful while picking up the toys. Try to avoid those which are a potential danger. You should avoid sharp and pointy objects. Another thing to keep in mind is to make your home danger-proof by keeping ribbon, rubber bands, pantyhose, and children’s toys away from them. 

·       The toys should be perfect in size

The toys must be appropriate in size depending on your dog’s size. For example, if you buy small balls then there are chances that the dogs can swallow them and choke their throat. 

·       Select squeaky and soft dog toys for gentler dogs

Many dogs are very gentle when they are around plush toys and don’t try to rip them. In case your dog tries to do so then select the toys having squeakers. Just make sure that you give squeaky objects under your guidance. The soft toys are machine washable whenever they get dirty during the playtime. 

·       Don’t go for rawhide kind of toys

Yes, this is right because they are quite dangerous and not recommended. 

·       Go for active toys for high energy dogs

If your dog has high energy then you should go for hard rubber toys. You can get them in different shapes and sizes so that they can chew them if they are willing to chew. Rope toys are also loved by dogs for fetching. Some toys like tennis balls are also amazing for pets as you can throw them on finding any kind of crack. 

·       Puzzle toys and treat toys are great options

Treat toys as the name suggests is literally a treat for your dogs as they are filled with peanut butter and broken-up treats. The right size of dog treats can make your dog busy for hours and can be rewarding for them. Ensure that you consult with the veterinarian before giving them because sometimes peanut butter can be allergic to them. 

Coming to the puzzle toys, they are ideal for the super-smart pets who easily get bored. The puzzle toys actually have hidden things inside the compartments and make them figure out how to bring them out. These toys are helpful in increasing their skill levels. 

·       Keep the age in mind

While selecting the playing tools for your puppy, select for the soft rubber toys. Once they pass a teething period, you can select the interactive toys. 

·       Pulling toys

Such kinds of toys are meant for pulling purposes. These toys are generally made of leather, rope, or durable rubber making dogs interested to chew them and coach their gripping power. 

Now, it’s your responsibility to select the right kind of toys for your furry friends and play with them. 

·       Taking the toys away from them

It might sound odd but it is a way to do wonders. Many times the pets get a little bored of the toys you give to them. It occurs because of over-stimulation and they don’t like to play anymore with them. So, it is advisable to bring one toy at a time and throw them when they get damaged. This helps them to re-engage with the new ones while maintaining their excitement level and developing a bond with the pets. The pet owners 

Is your dog not sharing the toys with you?

It is great to see that your dog loves their toys, but sometimes they don’t like to share the toys with anyone. Hoarding or hiding their toys is very normal for the dogs and they start snapping, growling, or biting when someone wants to take those toys. It is a very normal behavior of dogs that they guard their things and try to hurt others. Dealing with such issues is simple as you can use dropping toys for stress free interactions. 

One can also give proper training to the dogs while playing with the toys. Once they get engaged to a new toy and learn about dropping it, then you can give them different toys together. 

The conclusion

The Supreme Paw Supply is a great choice for shopping for dog things. It is a perfect place for dog lovers where they can find different items like dog toys, dog beds, dog bowls, dog collars, and many other things.

Oversized Tennis Ball Dog Toy


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