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Why do you need a tracker for your dog?

Have you ever gone for different ways to bring your dog back home? Your pet usually is not able to find out your anxiety when you are finding them. Still, he will constantly try to explore the outdoor environment. You might look out for different ways of calling your dog, but he ignores coming in. Therefore, Supreme Paw Supply comes with a product called a dog tracker.

What kind of dog tracker is available?

Have you ever thought of buying a dog tracker? If yes, then you might have found various models offered by Supreme Paw Supply. In the market, you might get confused because of the options available. There is nothing to worry about when you are contacting Supreme Paw Supply. Our range is best and meets the requirements of our clients. If you have not found a perfect model for your dog, contact us now.

Generally, there are three kinds of dog trackers that you can use. Let’s take a dive into them and learn about them.

  1. Radiofrequency dog tracker

Such a type of dog tracker can easily work on two devices. It contains one part as a radio transmitter worn by the dog and makes use of inaudible radio waves. On the other hand, the second part is called a receiver handset that is meant for measuring the strength of your dog’s signal and knowing the direction of the dog. Hence, you can easily locate the whereabouts of your dog.

Advantages of radiofrequency dog tracker

There are lots of underlined benefits of radiofrequency dog tracker that the users should know. 

  • The lightest and smallest size

This kind of pet tracker is available in smaller sizes and lighter than all dog tracker devices. It not only provides comfort, but it also allows the dog to wear it for a longer time. 

  • Excellent battery life

Indeed, the radio frequency range doesn’t require being charged again and again. There are some cases in which it lasts for more than 1 year.

  • Pocket-friendly prices

The cost of frequency is somewhere around the cost of Bluetooth. Moreover, it doesn’t require a monthly subscription as well. 

  • Show good performance in all countries

If you are traveling with your dog, then this could be a blessing for you. It is so because the radiofrequency dog tracker also works well overseas.

Tab dog offered by Supreme Paw Supply is a great example of this kind of dogt tracker.

  1. Bluetooth dog trackers

The working principle of the Bluetooth dog tracker is similar to radiofrequency ones. There will be a transmitter to transmit the Bluetooth signal and receive it by the receiver part. You can use your phone as a receiver and get the right location of your dog. There are Bluetooth dog trackers available with different apps allowing the users to find a dog. Now, the question is why you should buy it. 

  • Light in weight

With time, technology is developing very quickly. The latest model of Bluetooth trackers is small in size and weight.

  • Display visual map

Bluetooth trackers nowadays are available with so many apps like easy-to-read map displays for finding your dog within no time. 

  • Excellent battery lives

The best thing about the Bluetooth dog tracker is that it does not use too much power. Hence, they are counted amongst the reasonable battery life. 

  1. GPS dog tracker

As the name signifies, GPS dog tracker is considered as the most sophisticated manner of tracking our dog. It makes use of GPS and you can easily track the dog’s movements.

  • Offer unlimited range

 You read it right. GPS tracker comes with the biggest advantage of finding your dog with your phone signal. 

  • Getting route history

If you have a dog that is always curious to go outside and you want to know where he has been, then this GPS tracker is a great thing to buy.

The majority of dog owners have purchased dog trackers from Supreme Paw Supply to enjoy peace of mind. The market is full of dog trackers, but it is important that first, you should do extensive research. Pets are part of our family and therefore it becomes our responsibility to protect them. So, it is important that you should buy the same from a reliable online store like Supreme Paw Supply. 

Advantages of buying a dog tracker

Indeed, there are lots of benefits of having a dog tracker if you are a pet owner. Here are a few of them you should look into. 

  • Safe outing

Pets love to explore the outside world and hence, need to be taken care of. There are pet owners who like to let their pets go outside without them. Here comes the role of a dog tracker who lets you free your dog to play around. There are trackers who allow the owners to get the notifications where your pet is venturing. 

  • Get to know more about your dog

One of the benefits of getting a dog tracker is that you can get a deep insight into your pets’ behavior. There are some trackers who have the capability to provide in-depth data like their fitness and activity levels. Thus, it helps you to keep track of your pet’s health. 

  • Search for the location where your pet is missing

The most important advantage of a tracker is that you can easily find the location of your pet if he goes missing. Some of the varieties have lighting or beeping that helps the dog to come back home. 

  • Observing the pet’s activity

If you want to be mindful of your pet activity, then the tracker is an excellent choice. It can be a reason for making your dog healthy and energetic. Set realistic goals and take your dog for a walk. 

  • Budget-friendly

Now the final question that comes to everyone’s mind is about the cost of a tracker. At Supreme Paw Supply, you can buy the dog tracer at affordable prices. Using it, you can easily locate your dog, get the right directions, extend battery life, and quickly locate the dog up to 400ft away. 

How does the dog tracker work?

As mentioned above, the dog tracker provides the location of your dog easily. Ensure that if you are not using it for long, the battery shouldn’t drain out. At Supreme Paw Supply, we offer a great range of dog trackers that are specialized in doing their work. Our product gives an accurate location when you are using it. Moreover, it also needs minimal battery usage so that the device works for a longer time.

Tabcat tracker offered by us is available with protective cases meant for attaching the tags to the collar of cats. It is very simple to use and anyone can handle it without any trouble. If you are worried that the tag will be heavy for your dog, then we want to mention that we offer it in the lightest form. Hence, your dog can easily wear it without getting irritated.

Tabcat tracker by us is becoming popular among pet owners because of its excellent features like accuracy, lightweight, work both indoor as well as outdoor, and easy working. Contact us now and buy one for your dog.


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