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Chewy V Leash & Collar Set

The Chewy V Leash & Collar Set is a cute & bold leash set that will make your fur baby stand out. This unique set  will set your pup apart from every other pup in the neighborhood. Beware, the set may cause lots of compliments!

This set is made out of premium leather.

We offer this set in 3 different variations that give you several stylish options to choose from. There are 4 sizes available for small to medium sized dogs. Please refer to the sizing chart below for proper sizing.
  • Premium leather leash set
  • Made from leather
  • Available in 5 great options
  • Offered in 4 sizes for small to medium sized dogs
  • Leash Length: 110-125 cm/43-49 in.
  • $1 from every order is donated to an animal shelter/organization


Size Collar Adjustment Length(in.)
 Collar Adjustment Length(cm.)
M9.5-13.4 in.24-34 cm
L11.8-17.3 in.30-44 cm

Customer Reviews

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Jacklyn (Lewisville, US)
Pet Age: 3-6 months
Pet Weight: 12-20 lbs.
Breed: French Bulldog
Love it!

Love the look of the collar on my Frenchie!

Natalia Trujillo (Cambridge, US)
Pet Age: 1-3 years
Pet Weight: 7-12 lbs.
Breed: Maltese

Size S is really size XXS

Omkar Chandgadkar (Seattle, US)

Chewy V Leash & Collar Set

Kimberly Buddin (Ypsilanti, US)
Cute collar set

The design is super cute. I got for my Yorkie. I was worried it might be too heavy after having a nylon one for so long but it’s pretty lightweight and he seemed to like it. The metal on the part you clip the leash to turned pretty quickly, so that’s not the best quality. Overall I’m pretty satisfied.

Customer (Fresno, US)
Dog collars

I like them. They look very high end for a reasonable price. The leashes are too short for my dogs so I donated those.

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