Green Bowl Dog Snuffle Mat


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Green Bowl Dog Snuffle Mat

The Green Bowl Snuffle Mat is a great tool for training your dog!

This snuffle mat allows your dog to find snacks or small toys that are hidden within the mat. The mat is great for mentally stimulating your pet while also challenging them physically as well.

Use this mat to relax your pet by relieving stress and anxiety from your dog.

This mat features an avocado shape which allows the treats/food to be hidden on the outer edge of the mat. The bottom of the mat is also non-slip to avoid the mat from slipping on the floor.

The mat is crafted from a soft bite-resistant fleece and can easily be washed in the washer machine.

  • Green Bowl Snuffle Mat
  • Keeps your dog occupied and prevents them from being mischievous or destructive
  • Great for relieving stress and anxiety
  • Hide treats and food in the outer edge of the mat and keep your dog busy for hours
  • $1 from every order is donated to an animal shelter/organization
Keeping your dog busy can save you time and headaches! A busy dog is less likely to be mischievous and destructive.


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