Pawtek Camo Dog Raincoat

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Pawtek Camo Dog Raincoat

Keep your pup dry with our Pawtek Camo Dog Raincoat. This rain coat is designed for big dogs because they need to stay dry too right?

This jacket is double-layered and comes in two different variations for boys and girls. A mesh inner-layer makes this raincoat easy for your dog to wear and be comfortable while they have it on.

Choose from 6 sizes for large dog breeds. Please refer to our size chart for appropriate sizing.

  • Pawtek Camo Dog Raincoat
  • Designed for big dogs
  • Double-layered
  • Options for boys and girls
  • Mesh inner-layer
  • Free shipping available worldwide
  • $1 from every order is donated to an animal shelter/organization

Pawtek Camo Dog Raincoat - Supreme Paw Supply

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