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Reflective Service Dog Harness w/ Handle


Reflective Service Dog Harness w/ Handle Best Sellers

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Reflective Service Dog Harness w/ Handle

It is important for your dogs well-being that they wear a no-pull harness when out because collars can be harmful to them if they tend to pull when on a leash.

These harnesses prevent harmful health effects that result from pulling while wearing conventional collars.

You will have full control of your pet compared to a collar and these harnesses will also help train your dog while on walks. A no pull dog harness is key for training your dog in a safe and healthy environment.

This harness is fully breathable and dust-proof. It easily clips around your dogs chest, making taking it on and off a quick painless process.


The harness also has a reflective strip for early morning or late evening walks. A "Service Dog" label is also included on this product.

  • No pull dog harness
  • Great for your dogs health and safety
  • Prevents harmful health effects
  • Provides you with full control of your pet
  • Great for training
  • Comes with a "Service Dog" label
  • Free shipping worldwide


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Customer Reviews

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Mark Wampole (Loxahatchee Groves, US)
Pet Age: 1-3 years
Pet Weight: 95 lbs.+
Breed: Serbian rottweller
service dog

It’s very well made thank you very much the only thing that I would say is where it goes around the front of his chest could be a little bit more narrow as I live in Florida so it’s kind of bulky in the front which makes Baby blue my 180 pound rottweiler Well let’s just say if it wasn’t so big and bulky it would be a little more comfortable for him I mean it can still be as strong as you wanted to be just doesn’t have to be such a big piece in a very front.

Angelo Domingo Sr. (Denver, US)
Dog Harness

Fits my dog great, thank you!

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