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SPS-20 Dog Mask


SPS-20 Dog Mask Basics

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SPS-20 Dog Mask

Don’t you care about the quality of air you’re breathing? Well shouldn’t you feel the same way about your pet? Keep your pet protected from airborne bacteria, smoke and dust with our SPS-20 Dog Mask. Dogs breathe more frequently than humans. The SPS-20 Dog Mask features a Hyper V breathing valve to balance the filtering effect and increased tempo of breathing. A breathing valve is one of the most essential parts on a dog mask to prevent your dog from struggling to breathe or overheating. We have referenced the infamous N95 human mask to create the SPS-20 Filter Replacements – most commonly used for Flu and influenza prevention. N95 masks are effective according to the CDC in preventing the spread of Flu, swine flu and avian flu transmission from person to person. Our filter replacements consist of 4 layers. The two outermost layers are water-blocking layers to prevent droplets. The middle layers are constructed of a melt-blown cloth and activated carbon cloth. This layer filters out most dust, bacteria and viruses. We take the standards of the SPS-20 Filters seriously and have used the same grade materials as the human masks to create ours. We also use sealed bags to pack our filters to prevent any contamination during transportation. The SPS-20 Dog Mask is made from mesh giving it several advantages over the typical disposable dog masks. Some benefits over disposable dog masks include:
  • Improved filtering effect
  • Lower price for each use over time
  • Washable
  • Strong & Durable
  • Easy Velcro adjustments on bottom and back of mask
  • Easily fits most dogs heads and mouths
  • Multi-layer replaceable filters
  • N95 standards filtering out 95% of air particles

How to use:

  • Unzip and place a SPS-20 filter in the interlayer of the dog mask
  • Adjust the position accordingly and zip close
  • Place the mask over your dogs snout and adjust for a comfortable fit
  • Enjoy a safe walk through the neighborhood or trip outside of your home
  • This mask is not intended for extended periods of use. Please limit to 15 min. sessions
  • SPS-20 Filters should also be replaced after each wear
10% of SPS-20 Masks sales will be donated to animal shelters in need during the COV-19 outbreak.

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