SPS Prong Collar


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SPS Prong Collar Big Dogs
SPS Prong Collar Big Dogs

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SPS Prong Collar

The SPS Prong Collar is the perfect training collar for a puppy or a big dog alike. Train your dog with the simple pull of the training collar instead of yelling or being pulled all over the neighborhood. The dog will pulling immediately. 

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The SPS Prong Collar is great for training aggressive dogs.

  • Smooth prong attachments that are rounded to prevent your dogs neck from being hurt/damaged/scratched
  • Great dog training collar
  • Metal buckle for extra reinforcement 
  • Easy to fasten and detach
  • Conveniently use the collar when necessary
  • 6 sizes available for small to large dogs
  • 60 cm diameter fits Labrador Retriever, Bulldogs etc.
  • $1 from every order is donated to an animal shelter/organization


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