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UV Resistant Dog Sunglasses


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UV Resistant Dog Sunglasses

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UV Resistant Dog Sunglasses

What better time to take your pet out for a run or a stroll than a sunny day? Well its also important to make sure you keep your pet safe. These UV Resistant Dog Sunglasses keep the harmful rays out of your dogs eyes. These glasses will protect your dogs eyes during daily activities from the harmful effects of direct UV rays and eye disease.   The glasses feature an adjustable elastic strap that is easy to adjust for all small to medium sized dog breeds. The chin strap will prevent the glasses from easily falling off while still making them comfortable for your pet. The soft frame design and wide nose bridge reduces the pressure of the glasses on your pets face. The vents prevent water vapor from forming which will give your dog a relaxing and comfortable experience wearing the glasses. Details:
  • UV Resistant Dog Sunglasses
  • Protects your dogs eyes from harmful UV Rays
  • Glasses have an elastic strap making it easy to adjust for small to medium sized dog breeds
  • Chin strap prevents the sunglasses from easily falling off and also adds comfort
  • Soft frame design
  • Wide nose bridge design reduces the pressure on your dogs face
  • Vents prevent water vapor from forming
  • Free shipping available worldwide
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